Development path

development path

  1. Qingdao Gofee Motor Co., Ltd. Founded

    Engaged in Taiwan Motor trade

  2. Heze Gofee Motor Co., Ltd. Founded

    Began production of motors dedicated to animal husbandry fans and feeder gear motors

  3. Began independent research and development and production of FRP fans

  4. Qingdao Mobi Environmental Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Founded

    Produce GOFEE environmental control system

  5. Heze Gofee Established FRP workshop

    Independent research and development and production of fiberglass products such as fan shells and feed towers

  6. Cast aluminum blade series fan successfully developed


  7. Heze Gofee New Factory Completed

    Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, a wind tunnel laboratory was established in accordance with GB1236, ISO5801, and AMCA-210 standards.

  8. Heze Gofee passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

    The fan passed the CE certification, and the molded fan and cooling pad equipment were put into production

  9. The Foreign Trade Department was established

    Service for overseas market clients.

  10. Heze Gofee Fan automatic assembly line equipment put into production

  11. Participate in the formulation of agricultural fan industry standards of the Ministry of Agriculture

    NY / T3210-2018 agricultural general fan performance test method, NY / T3211-2018 agricultural general fan energy saving selection specification, implemented from June 1, 2018.

  12. Qingdao Gofee transforms to provide whole-field EPC solution for livestock and poultry breeding

    And reached a strategic partnership with Jinxinnong Group

  13. Successful development of poultry house series fans, establishment of poultry business department

    The poultry house fan was quickly recognized by Chia Tai Group, Yike Group and Jiuxing Group

Note: Heze Gofee Motor Co., Ltd. is the production base of Qingdao Gofee Motor Co., Ltd.