Gofee Planning and Design Institute

gofee planning and design institute

Gofee Planning and Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established on May 20, 2021. Its predecessor was Qingdao Gofee Planning and Design Department. The main job is to provide solutions and technical services for Gofee customers. Provide solutions for the entire field, including overall planning and design, environmental control design, material line and water line, etc. Currently, there are 15 professional and technical personnel, including general planning, process design, equipment, hydropower and building structure positions.

The leader Pang Jinyou has been engaged in pig farm design for 20 years and is proficient in environmental control ventilation design. He has in-depth research on ventilation and energy saving of pig farms and batch production management of pig farms. He is currently launching targeted ventilation solutions and applying for patents.

Batch production puts forward the concept of all-in and all-out in the whole process, which divides the pig farm into parts, controls in small units, and controls according to the pigsty, effectively improving the safety level of epidemic prevention in the pig farm. In the past two years, good results have been achieved in the design of pig farm disease and epidemic prevention. The industry is the first to propose a three-level decontamination plan, and the first to propose a design for cleaning and firefighting of personnel entering the pig house.


Jinyou Pang

Dean of Gao Feng Planning and Design Institute. He has been engaged in pig farm design for 20 years. He is proficient in environmental control and ventilation design, especially in pig house.


Haideng Meng

Process design, with more than 10 years of pig farm process design experience, and rich on-site construction and construction experience, very familiar with the performance of pig farm equipment. ​


Dongbo Cheng

Process design, the biggest advantage, the ability to solve problems on the spot, have worked as a breeder in a pig farm, think about problems, and put the pig first. ​


Yu Zheng

The whole farm planning designer has worked in urban planning for many years, and pig farm planning has been working for many years.

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