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Gofee - Husbandry farm EPC expert, China environmental control equipment research and development manufacturer, with independent research and development center and manufacturing base.

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Committed to research, development, production and sales of environmental control equipment for livestock and poultry houses, providing high-tech, cost-effective products and ventilation solutions for users in the domestic and international breeding industry.
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Gofee - Quality Fans

Why is Gofee fan superior to the same industry?

Each product has been tested by Bess Labs in the United States, and is crafted with ingenuity.

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Model: Gofee High Effiency Brushless DC Fan


Molded FRP, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, no deformation, no fading.


Save energy by using ultra-efficient DC brushless motor drive with high-level proprietary intellectual property.

Cast aluminum fan blade

The blade stall limit design prevents motor overload and increases airflow and improves efficiency.

Belt Tensioner

The tension is automatically adjusted to make the motor drive stable and safe.