September 23, 2019

Gofee Motor Take Part in VIV and EuroTier Exhibition

      On September 19th, 2019, Gofee Motor participated in the VIV and EuroTier exhibitions held in Huangdao and Laoshan, Qingdao. Gofee brought the new square-shaped FRP fan to the exhibition, and another high-class classic fiberglass fan, cooling pad , controllers and other environmental control equipment. Attracting many viewers […]
May 22, 2019

Qingdao Gofee Participates in the 2019 China Animal Husbandry Expo

The 17th China Animal Husbandry Expo was held in Wuhan from 18th-20th May,2019. It has gradually grown into the largest animal husbandry fair in China and even in Asia. Gofee Motor  led the technical team and sales team to attend the grand event. In order to provide better service to customers, […]
April 28, 2019

Heze Gofee Motor-Xi’an Jiaotong University cooperated to set up R&D center

On April 27th, Heze Gofee Motor-Xi’an Jiaotong University Cooperative R&D Center and gofee Motor-Xi’an Jiaotong University Professional Degree Graduate Collaborative Training and Education Base was unveiled. Wang Hailong, deputy head of Peony District of Heze City, energy and energy of Xi’an Jiaotong University Zhao Liang, deputy dean of the School […]
October 7, 2012
China Gofee Ventilation Fan Case show 4

How to deal with the problem of overheating or smoking of the motor?

1. The power supply voltage is too high, causing the core flux density to be supersaturated, causing the motor temperature to rise too high: If the power supply voltage exceeds the standard, it should be contacted by the power supply department. 2. The power supply voltage is too low. The […]
October 7, 2012

Industrial application range of AC three-phase asynchronous motor

The motor is mainly composed of a magnetic conductive material (a silicon steel sheet), a coil winding (a copper wire), and a housing shell component. Its working principle is the law of electromagnetic induction in physics. When mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, it is called a generator. On […]
October 7, 2012

How to choose a special inverter motor for paper machine

At present, each country in the world has its own design and production specifications for variable frequency motors. China’s Shanghai Nanyang, Xi’an Motor Factory and many other motor manufacturers also have their own specifications and requirements for the production of variable frequency motors, and also have a corresponding series of […]
October 7, 2012

The difference between the principle of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor and its application field

The difference between the principle of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor and its application field The so-called synchronous motor means that the magnetic field rotation speed of the armature winding is the same as the rotation direction of the rotor, and the rotation speed is the same. Such a motor […]
October 7, 2012

Selection and function of motor bearing lubrication

First, the role of bearing lubrication Lubrication has a significant impact on the fatigue life of rolling bearings and friction, wear, temperature, vibration, etc., without normal lubrication, the bearing can not work. Analysis of the cause of bearing damage indicates that about 40% of bearing damage is associated with poor […]