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  • Hot galvanized sheet frame, galvanized layer thickness 275g/㎡, one-shot molding process;
  • Theft protection net hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust treatment, front round mesh spray treatment, corrosion resistance;
  • 6 mirror stainless steel blades, professionally designed fan blade angle, through dynamic balance test, stable operation;
  • V-belt pulley is hot-casted from high-strength hard aluminum alloy material, light in weight and high in strength;
  • Configure energy efficient motor, protection class: IP54;
ModelRated powerStatic pressurePa012253750
36" cattle house fan0.4KWAir volumem3/h183001690015000121008700
Energy efficiency ratiom3/h/w36.73228.823.717.9
50" cattle house fan1.1KWAir volumem3/h4320042000395003690033600
Energy efficiency ratiom3/h/w28.926.423.821.518.8

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