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  • Reduce odor and ammonia emissions from livestock and poultry houses;
  • Reduce the amount of ammonia that is discharged into the air by 75%;
  • Reduce odor in the air;
  • Reduces 90% of the dust in the exhaust air and removes the threat of diseased dust;
  • The air in the livestock and poultry house passes through two layers of water-filled filter elements. Most of the dust is removed by the first layer of filter elements, and the odor and ammonia are removed by the two-layer filter element.
  • Air purification is a biological process with a layer of bacteria and microbial biofilm on the filter. When the gas in the house encounters the biofilm in the water and the filter element, ammonia, odor and dust are filtered.
  • The water circulates in the filter element, and the dirty water is periodically discharged from the bottom tank. The clean water is automatically replenished into the body, and each pig consumes only a few liters of water per day.

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Stick to the right choice

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