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    Ordinary Cooling Pad
  • Highly water-absorbent, high-corrosion-resistant kraft paper;
  • Raw materials use world-renowned brands of curing resins, adhesives, etc. to ensure product strength and service life;
  • The amount of paper used is more than that of other manufacturers, which effectively increases the water absorption and evaporation area.;
  • Proper amount of scraping ensures maximum area and evaporation of the product for maximum cooling;
  • High water absorption, high wet stiffness, long service life, etc.;


    Protective Coating Cooling Pad
  • All the performance characteristics of ordinary cooling pad;
  • Water absorption: The protective coating is specially formulated and processed to maintain good hygroscopicity while preventing water droplets from forming on the surface. Water diffuses on the surface of the protective layer to form a fine water film, which does not affect the cooling effect.;
  • Quick drying: When the water stops flowing on the surface, the protective coating dries quickly, preventing the growth of microorganisms and algae that are parasitic on the surface.;
  • No micropores on the surface to prevent algae and minerals from remaining in the deep base of the base paper and falling off the surface when dry;
  • Tough and flexible, it can be repeatedly cleaned and has a longer life than ordinary cooling pad.;

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Stick to the right choice

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Stick to the right choice

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