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  • Using European standard design, the galvanized sheet is 1.2 mm thick and 1 mm above the vertebral body;
  • The material is galvanized with 275g of galvanized sheet and the angle of the vertebral body is 67 degrees;
  • The gap error of the tower is less than 2 mm, and the ladder, tower under the clamshell device, etc.;
  • The top is covered with a flip cover for easy switching;
  • With a transparent observation port, it is convenient to observe the inside of the tower;
  • The ladder has its own protective structure for convenient and safe;


Tonnage (T)Diameter (mm)Height(mm)LayersVolume(㎥)MaterialNumber of legs
1.7Tφ1530341012.5galvanized sheet4
2.7Tφ1530423024galvanized sheet4
3.6Tφ2140430015.15galvanized sheet4
5.4Tφ2140514028.1galvanized sheet4
7.3Tφ21405950311.03galvanized sheet4
10.5Tφ27505820215.5galvanized sheet6
13.8Tφ27506630320.3galvanized sheet6
17.1Tφ27507450425.2galvanized sheet6

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