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  • The outer frame and the fan blades are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is beautiful and durable.;
  • Direct connection between the fan and the motor, simple, reliable and maintenance-free;
  • The fan blade is calibrated twice by precise balance, the operation is stable, the air volume is large, and the noise is low.;
  • Synthetic PVC blinds using air downstream, anti-fly, anti-air backflow;
  • Specially powerful motor, powerful and powerful, with better effect and longevity;
According to scientific research data, in the current international, the elimination of sweltering, smog, odor, exhaust gas and dust in the factory has the best negative pressure effect, the most energy saving and the least investment;
Anti air backflow
High toughness and high hardness
Corrosion resistant, long life
UV protection, anti-aging
Against insets

Product Parameter

ModelsBlade Dia.(mm/in)Rated Voltage(V)Input Power(KW)Motor Speed(rpm)Air Flow(m³/h)Installation Size(mm)Speed Type
Roof Ventilation Fan630/240~2200.3793011200680Adjustable
630/243800.3793011200680Fix speed
Note: The meaning of the number in front of the model means: ZQ - direct drive; PD -belt; D - three-phase fixed speed; T - single-phase speed regulation; B - three-phase frequency conversion; Z - DC; AL - cast aluminum fan blade; MY - molded made shell; MT - manual made shell;

Product Advantages

Stick to the right choice

Ribbed reasonable / Bright color

FRP molded shell is light and hard, non-conductive, stable in performance, high in mechanical strength, non-deformable, and does not fade.

Professional / High Quality / Quality Assurance

Low Loss / High Efficiency / Low Temperature Rise

The new motor rotor with copper as the conductive substrate utilizes the excellent electrical conductivity of copper to reduce rotor loss and improve motor efficiency.

Professional / High Quality / Quality Assurance

Project Case

High-quality products and caring services have made Gofee the industry leader. Cooperate with many well-known enterprises in China and abroad for many engineering projects.

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Stick to the right choice

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