Gofee Motor Take Part in VIV and EuroTier Exhibition

Published at:2019-09-23 View:1288

On September 19th, 2019, Gofee Motor participated in the VIV and EuroTier exhibitions held in Huangdao and Laoshan, Qingdao. Gofee brought the new square-shaped FRP fan to the exhibition, and another high-class classic fiberglass fan, cooling pad , controllers and other environmental control equipment. Attracting many viewers to stop.






Gofee motor products include molded glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, stepless speed regulation high efficiency fan, high pressure fan, solar fan, wet curtain, ventilating window, distribution box and controller, etc. The new factory is equipped with automatic motor production line and motor comprehensive test. Advanced production and testing equipment such as system, automatic fan assembly line, wind tunnel laboratory, large press, etc. The equipment is highly automated, with high precision and comprehensive testing equipment, which guarantees the production efficiency and quality of the company’s products. Welcome customers to communicate and purchase.


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