'Seize the day and live it to the full'-Gofee motor held the 2019 annual work summary conference and the 2020 new year's gala

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Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. On January 16-17, 2020, the 2019 annual work summary conference and 2020 New Year’s Gala was held in the conference room of the Gofee motor production base and the Shangyao Hotel. ‘Seize the day and live it to the full’, all employees and leaders of the company gathered together to sum up the company’s achievements in the past year and plan the development direction of the new year.


Speech by Chairman Weimeng Liu

Summarize the past and set new goals.

Time is running fast, and a year of work has become history. 2019 is over, and 2020 is on the way. The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities and challenges. The summary meeting officially started in the speech of Chairman Liu Weimeng. Then, in order to better carry out the work of 2020, the various departments of Gofee motor summarized and reported on the work of the previous year and proposed a new work plan for the work of 2020.


All departments report on the work of the previous year

At the end of the conference, Chairman Liu Weimeng summed up the work of each department and fully affirmed the work of each department in the past year, hoping that all employees will move forward in accordance with the set 2020 goals and not be confused. Heze Gofee, Qingdao Gofee, and Nanyang Gofee all three Plant break down the annual sales targets. They must have a sense of mission and urgency to ensure product quality and complete project delivery requirements. Encourage all staff to make persistent efforts in 2020 and make some achievements to achieve more brilliant results.


Chairman Weimeng Liu summarized the meeting


Group Photo

On the evening of the 17th, all the employees of Gofee motor gathered at the evening party of the Shangyao Hotel for a party. Gofee motor staff carefully prepared a variety of performances, songs, dances, sketches and so on.


Weimeng Liu's Speech on Gala


Love song solo



Gofee motor adhering to the corporate tenet of “Sincere solidarity, let’s create a better life”, encourage outstanding employees, this evening party specially commends and awards outstanding employees in 2019.


President Yi awarded the Outstanding Staff Award


Gofee Outstanding Supplier Award


Gofee Outstanding Supplier Award

In addition to the show, the party also set up exciting draws.


Lucky draw-Third Prize

The party was quickly pushed to a climax in the chairman’s newly added solo song. In the cheers of everyone, we said goodbye to 2019 and rejoiced.


The leaders of Gofee motor toasted and wished a bright tomorrow

Going forward to welcome the new year, advancing with the times to congratulate the new year, we have a beautiful and full of expectations for 2020. Gofee people stand at a new starting point, and together draw a more magnificent blueprint for Gofee motor.

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