The 10th Leman China Pig Conference has come to a successful conclusion!

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The three-day 10th Leman China Pig Raising Conference and World Pig Expo ended successfully on October 22! Gofee brought targeted ventilation solutions, 160 material lines and new intelligent butterfly door fans to the exhibition.


Targeted Ventilation


There are eight advantages of using Gofee targeted ventilation scheme in pig farms:

The ventilation structure is simple and easy for everyone to operate;

Large ventilation in winter, pigs have good oxygen;

Quiet wind noise is small, pigs rest well;

The installed power is small and the operating cost is low;

The pig house is closed as a whole, with little heat transfer;

Complete vertical ventilation, less infection from pigs;

Absolutely energy-saving and high-efficiency, low winter costs;

Stable and stable throughout the year, pigs are less stressed.


57 Inch Smart Butterfly Door Fan
  1. The overall design of the scientific fan, the use of fiberglass SMC molded shell, in line with the air flow characteristics, large air volume, high efficiency
  2. Adopting Gofee's self-developed permanent magnet intelligent motor, energy saving, high efficiency, stable control, wide operating speed and high efficiency range, insulation level F, protection level IP67, high protection level, low operating noise, high efficiency, internal overload protection device, It can protect the motor under extreme conditions and meet different ventilation requirements
  3. The inclined butterfly door design improves the reliability of operation while ensuring the large air volume. The special alloy door panel is adopted, which has high strength, no deformation and good sealing performance.



Qingdao Gofee Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. At the beginning of its establishment, it was committed to research and development, production, sales, and environmental control equipment for livestock and poultry houses, providing high-tech, cost-effective environmental control products and environmental control solutions for domestic and foreign breeding industry users. With the development of the company, only environmental control products and services can no longer meet the needs of customers. In order to provide customers with better services, the company began to enter the pig farm EPC project and provide customers with a complete set of pig farm equipment and solutions.

Based on the domestic, global perspective, market-oriented, the company provides first-class services, join hands in low-carbon life to create green farming, bravely creates a world brand, and will surely become a world-class supplier of breeding equipment on the road to internationalization.

Area Division Person in Charge Contact Number
General Manager of Pig Breeding Department Song Depeng 18561483050
General Manager of Guangzhou Office Li Dian 15753032877
General Manager of Nanchang Office Li Zhao 17660318755
General Manager of Chengdu Office Yang Jie 15275059277
Qiongyue Regional Manager Zhu zhenfang 18924170672
Lu Su Wanhu Regional Manager Liang Yanqi 17806091039
Hubei, Henan and Shaanxi Regional Manager Yuan Bo 17806091068
Regional Manager of Jiangxi, Fujian and Zhejiang Shang Hongtie 17806091258
Heiji, Liao, Jin, Hebei and Beijing Regional Manager Feng Qing 17806091029
Xianggui Regional Manager Ding Yu 19511530159
Regional Manager of Yunguichuan Liu Jinbiao 15764072892
Regional Manager of Yunguichuan Liu Kai 15550184538
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