Poultry Farm Equipments

poultry farm

Automatic layer breeding equipment

Include layer cage system, manure removal system, egg collection system.

Gofee’s layer cage system meets market requirements: environmentally friendly production, low carbon, and emission reduction. Products are traceable, transparent and guaranteed. Intensification: The ladder type achieves the purpose of large-scale breeding to a certain extent, and the stacked equipment has a higher breeding density than the ladder type. High investment and high cost, maximize benefits. Save labor, land, trouble and money.



The influence of human factors is greatly reduced, and the level of productivity benefit depends on the gap between the normal operation of the equipment and the breeding mode.



It saves investment in various aspects such as manpower management, and makes it easier for deep processing to extend to the end market to form an industrial chain and improve the benefits of the indu



Mechanized operations such as feeding, water supply, manure cleaning, egg collection, and environmental control in the house are realized. Greatly save manpower, land, construction, etc.

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Manure Removal System

Include manure cleaner, manure belt bracket, head chakra redirection.

Manure Cleaner


  1. High-efficiency manure removal motor to ensure stable and reliable transportation.
  2. The Z-gluing drive and the segmented gluing-gluing and pressing roller with a pressing mechanism have less fecal stickiness and are not easy to slip.
  3. Wear-resistant PU double scraper, wear-resistant PU has a long service life, and the material is slightly softer to effectively protect the PP conveyor belt. Two scrapers ensure that the manure belt is clean.

Manure belt bracket



Horizontal and longitudinal auger manure removal system, natural rubber conveyor belt, fast manure

discharge speed, integrated screw auger, longer service life.

Head chakra redirection


  1. Abrasion resistant PU double scraper.
  2. Wear-resistant PU has long service life.
  3. The material is slightly softer to effectively protect the PP conveyor belt.

Egg collection system

The structure is reasonable and durable.

  • Adopt upper and lower conjoined sign board design, with anti-collision sponge film on the back. That is to strengthen the stable egg collection equipment, but also reduce the egg broken rate.
  • Two telescopic springs are designed to evenly distribute the force-bearing shafts, which can prevent the lifting belt from breaking due to excessive stress. It can correct the deviation.
  • Each egg claw is equipped with a stainless steel correction groove, which prolongs the service life of the claw and makes the overall appearance and uniformity.
  • The use of a rice-shaped array of reinforcement columns effectively enhances the overall robustness and prevents stress and deformation during transportation.
  • Use 3.5 steel wire as an egg picking platform for easy cleaning. The egg-harvesting rake is fixed by a telescopic rice piece, and the angle and distance can be adjusted at will
  • The driving part is an independent unit, with full seam processing. Stable operation and no noise. After beating butter once, there is basically no need to maintain it for life.
  • The over-plating process is smooth and realizes the smooth transition of eggs. It runs stably, and basically does not deviate after adjustment.
  • The side-plate adjustment design is convenient for installation, convenient and practical.