Farrowing Pen


The surrounding PVC panel thickness is 35mm and the height is 500mm; The metal body is made of solid round steel with a diameter of 20mm. The whole body is hot-dip galvanized. The thickness of the zinc layer is >80μm. It has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to clean. The whole design is installed by bolts without welding on site;


  • The standard size of the pen is width x length x height = 6000x3000x750mm;
  • The column consists of a column, a PVC plate and a round tube. The column and the tube are hot dip galvanized, and the thickness of the zinc layer is >80 μm, which is highly resistant to corrosion;
  • The door is in the form of a hook that can be opened in both directions for easy access to pigs;
  • PVC sheet thickness 35 mm, height 500 mm;
  • Use stainless steel trough;
  • Other specifications can be customized according to customer needs;

Model Parameter Table

The standard specification of the column (mm)

Length Width Height
2400 1800 1000
2400 1700 1000

Cast iron floor standard specification (mm)

Length Width
600 600
1200 600
2400 600

Standard Specifications for Plastic Flooring (mm)

Length Width
400 600
500 600
600 600

Project Case

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