Push-Pull Galvanized Belt Drive Box Fan


The push-pull mechanism can fully open the blinds to ensure minimum air resistance and maximum air volume. The guide rod uses 304 stainless steel to ensure high strength, not effective, reducing friction;


  • High quality UV resistant glass fiber and imported brand resin to ensure the toughness and hardness of FRP;
  • Strong corrosion resistance, no deformation, no fading;
  • FRP fan blade professional design, strong and tough, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption;
  • Power saving by high efficiency motor drive;
  • Adopting the principle of air downstream, synthetic PVC blinds, anti-fly, anti-air backflow;
  • High quality motor base for lubricating bearings;

Model Parameter Table

Models Fan Size(in) Voltage(V) Rated Power(W) Rated Current(A) Weight(kg) Speed(rpm) Blade Diameter(mm) Blade Qty. Drive Mode Ingress Protection Fan Out Size(wxh)(mm) Fan Installation Size(wxh)(mm)
GF-16-FR-T-MT-ZQ-0.18 16 220 180 1.1 15 1380 406 3 Direct drive IP67 550x550 500x500
GF-24-FR-T-MT-ZQ-0.37 24 220 370 2.6 34 920 609 5 Direct drive IP67 860x860 780x780
GF-36-FR-D-MY-ZQ-0.75 36 380 750 2.34 60 680 914 6 Direct drive IP67 1180x1180 1090x1090
GF-48-FR-D-MY-ZQ-1.1 48 380 1100 3.4 87 540 1205 3 Direct drive IP67 1480x1480 1390x1390
GF-50-FR-D-MY-ZQ-1.1 50 380 1100 3.4 80 540 1270 3 Direct drive IP67 1450x1450 1380x1380

Note: The meaning of the number in front of the model means: ZQ - direct drive; PD -belt; D - three-phase fixed speed; T - single-phase speed regulation; B - three-phase frequency conversion; Z - DC; AL - cast aluminum fan blade; MY - molded made shell; MT - manual made shell;

Fan Performance Table

Model rated power static pressure Pa 0 12 25 37 50 62 75
in.H2o 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3
GFFD-1380-TH 1.5KW Air flow m³/h 38500 36900 35200 33400 31000 28700 25500
EER m³/h/w 26.7 24.8 23 21.2 19.2 17.5 15.5

Product Advantages

Stick to the right choice

韧性好硬度高-1.png High toughness and high hardness
耐腐蚀-1.png Corrosion resistant, long life
防紫外线-1.png UV protection, anti-aging
防蝇虫.png Against insets
防霉.jpg Anti-mildew
防空气回流.png Anti air backflow

Ribbed reasonable / Bright color

FRP molded shell is light and hard, non-conductive, stable in performance, high in mechanical strength, non-deformable, and does not fade.


Professional / High Quality / Quality Assurance

Low Loss / High Efficiency / Low Temperature Rise

The new motor rotor with copper as the conductive substrate utilizes the excellent electrical conductivity of copper to reduce rotor loss and improve motor efficiency.


Project Case

High-quality products and caring services have made Gofee the industry leader. Cooperate with many well-known enterprises in China and abroad for many engineering projects.


Honor and Certificates

Gofee products have passed the national compulsory product certification, the production base has passed ISO9001 certification, and has more than 100 new practical and invention patents.