Heze Gofee Motor-Xi’an Jiaotong University cooperated to set up R&D center

On April 27th, Heze Gofee Motor-Xi’an Jiaotong University Cooperative R&D Center and gofe…...

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How to deal with the problem of overheating or smoking of the motor?

The power supply voltage is too high, causing the core flux density to be supersaturated,…...

Published at:2012-07-12 View:334

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Industrial application range of AC three-phase asynchronous motor

The motor is mainly composed of a magnetic conductive material (a silicon steel sheet), a…...

Published at:2012-10-07 View:281

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How to choose a special inverter motor for paper machine

At present, each country in the world has its own design and production specifications fo…...

Published at:2012-10-07 View:204

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The difference between the principle of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor and its application field

The so-called synchronous motor means that the magnetic field rotation speed of the armat…...

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Selection and function of motor bearing lubrication

First, the role of bearing lubrication Lubrication has a significant impact on the fatigu…...

Published at:2012-07-13 View:192

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